• Marketing: Closing a sale on your behalf or finding the perfect property for you so your smiling to that bank (or your spouse!) We employ a combination of online and offline marketing strategies to attract clients capable of closing transactions on our portfolios.
  • Rent collection and default management: Are your tenants not paying on time? We can take that hassle off your hands and keep accounts for you periodically.
  • Valuation: Need to ascertain the value for that plot of land, house, equipment at your workshop or factory, for insurance, sale, mortgage, rental, merger and acquisition or any other reason? We can solve that for you.
  • Sourcing Finance for development of land or redevelopment of old property. Have a plot of land or property but can’t finance it to release the latent value? We connect you to our partners to get you the funding required.
  • Investment Appraisal: Can’t decide which of the alternative investments available to you is the most suitable for you? We can give guidance on assessing which of the investment opportunities is most suited to your goal.
  • Project Management: Need an independent professional to manage a property development or other similar project, and manage finances and conflict arising on the project? Our company will deliver the project to agreed expectations.


  1. Estate Agency
  2. Valuation of assets for all purposes
  3. Feasibility studies and project appraisals
  4. Property rating
  5. Property and facilities Management
  6. Project management
  7. Property consultants
  8.  Joint Venture (JV) and Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) facilitators



  • Residential properties
  • Commercial Properties
  • Undeveloped & partially developed plots of land
  • Serviced Apartments
  • Luxury apartments