As far as i are able to see, there’s no particular ceiling-height offered

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As far as i are able to see, there’s no particular ceiling-height offered

Glazhael the newest Cloudchaser: The white dragon’s lair is really odd. The dragon hangs from the ceiling. The heroes might enter the area through room 25, which is an adjoining room that is higher up. Basically, the PCs will be on a ledge with a clear view of the dragon hanging on the ceiling. The dragon is dumb, and the adventure says that it can be lured into a tunnel so the PCs can melee it. It flees once reduced to 40 hit points.

Including, on the Increase of Tiamat toward webpage eleven it’s explained that in case the newest Pcs secure the castle, a frost monster entitled Harshnag comes to this new council so you can request the fresh citadel’s return so he can utilize it to help you rally the newest giants up against the dragons

  • Eliminate Blagothkus: In such a circumstance, his soul gets control of brand new palace and you can injuries it into the Spine worldwide.
  • Befriend Blagothkus: The latest icon features so it strange bundle out-of bringing Tiamat towards world to help you unite the fresh beasts so you’re able to destroy the girl. If the Pcs speak your from this, the fresh new beasts becomes faction partners on Increase away from Tiamat.

As well, having the palace may cause the Personal computers to miss a fairly cool part of Increase event 2 regarding the Water of Swinging Freeze, where the heroes sail a ship from the ocean in search of another light dragon’s lair.

If you are planning to operate Frozen Palace: If you are going to run the “bonus adventure”, Frozen Castle, you are probably going to want to make sure the castle crashes in the Spine of the World. That adventure accounts for the possibility that Glazhael and Blagothkus (?) survive.

New Draakhorn: Our heroes are requested to meet with a council in Waterdeep to discuss the Cult of the Dragon. When the PCs arrive in Waterdeep, the Draakhorn sounds. Remember, if your PCs hatched a dragon from the hatchery like mine did, your little baby dragon will feel drawn to answer the call, which could make for all sorts of interesting possibilities.

Appointment the new Council: I am thinking of making a little precursor moment before the council meets, where the PCs split up and meet with their respective factions. This way, the PCs can buddy up with their faction NPCs and get a sense of what their faction’s goals are.

Including, in the Rise out-of Tiamat with the web page eleven it is said if the new Pcs secure the castle, a frost icon entitled Harshnag relates to the newest council in order to request the latest citadel’s return therefore he is able to make use of it so you can rally the new beasts from the dragons

  • Remallia Haventree: A moon elf whose husband, a masked Lord out-of Waterdeep, is actually killed from the cult “off-camera” (see webpage 20). She wishes revenge, that will be one of the main council NPCs.
  • Leosin Erlanthar: Brand new monk our very own heroes found long ago when you look at the section 2 out of Hoard.

Together with, on the Increase out of Tiamat to the page eleven it is explained when the Pcs support the palace, a freeze icon titled Harshnag involves this new council so you’re able to request the fresh citadel’s return thus he is able to utilize it to help you rally this new monsters contrary to the dragons

  • Ontharr Frume: Amicable, hot-tempered paladin

Along with, regarding Increase out-of Tiamat towards the web page 11 it’s informed me that if new Personal computers support the castle, a frost giant called Harshnag involves the council to demand the citadel’s get back thus he can make use of it so you can rally the fresh new giants up against the dragons

  • Delaan Winterhound: An effective ranger with a cold temperatures wolf you to patrols beyond your urban area

Together with, throughout the Rise away from Tiamat into the page 11 it is said that in case this new Personal computers hold the castle, a freeze monster titled Harshnag comes to the fresh new council to demand the brand new citadel’s get back thus he is able to utilize it to help you rally the brand new creatures against the dragons

  • Lady Laeral Silverhand: (Waterdeep) Features great arcane stamina. This woman is one of several Seven-sisters.
  • Lord Dagult Neverember: (Neverwinter) Manipulative, turns out during the chance that have Silverhand.
  • Ambassador Connerad Brawnanvil: (Mithral Hallway) Dwarf whom doesn’t want to help you to visit troops.
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